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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 11, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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feeling lucky, 2:00 to 3:00 tomorrow at the villages. where else? spend your day in florida with me. i'll sign the book. i'll take a picture. who knows what it could lead to. thank you. we hope you never miss an episode of the five. that's it for us. hello. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm arthel neville. >> i'm eric shawn. we are awaiting a major speed with our republican presidential candidate, donald trump, at a packed event at the phoenix arizona center. he is pushing the outspoken stance on immigration even harder. they have faced a share of the immigration issues the southwest. >> they are punching back at critics over illegal immigrants
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of killing a young woman could a temporary break be on the horizon for greece. greece battles to stay afloat and try and stop the economic crisis. first up donald trump doubling down on illegal immigration making it the center peace of a campaign swing out west this weekend. the billionaire businessman now republican presidential candidate volting into the lead in some polls and he is not backing away from his controversial remarks about mexican immigrants. with more on the sprint to the debate peter doocy. peter? >> we are seeing something new from donald trump who has made border security the center piece of his campaign. he is starting to bring families that have been ripped apart by criminals that enter the you sfrats mexico on to the stage with him.
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he is trying to demonstrate the added anguish victims families feel when authorities investigating the loved ones murders don't make any extra effort to case the case when the violent crime is intertwined with an immigration crime. >> whenever somebody hears that it was an illegal that was involved with the death of their children it becomes politically incorrect for a politician to help them. that's how messed up our nation is. >> those remarks were in california. from there, it was on to las vegas. now, arizona. a rally he says is expecting close to 9,000 people which would make it one of if not the biggest, rally for a single candidate so far this summer. to put it in perspective hillary clinton's announcement rally in new york attracted 5,000 people. on monday hillary clinton and bernie sanders, who is challenging her front-runner
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status are going to speak to the large hispanic lobby in kansas city and then the democratic rivals have lunch in d.c. on tuesday. the entire senate democratic caucus is invited, including senator sanders. stay tuned. >> peter, thanks so much. the sheriff of san francisco now piercely defending his department amid all the finger pointing in the heartbreaking case that has to do with the release of this man francisco sanchez. he is an illegal immigrant. he had seven felony convictions. now, he is accused of murdering kate steinle a week ago on that pier in san francisco. the sheriff's department being blasted for letting him go even after the feds asked the city to hold on to him until they took him into custody. the sheriff says the government didn't follow its own policy. he claims his department is not to blame. will carr is following this
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heartbreaking story from our west coast newsroom. >> hi. there is a lot of finger pointing going on. the sheriff is having to answer the tough questions. it is his department that let sanchez out on the street to be a free man which according to police he shot and killed kate stainly. steinle. he was actually in custody. immigrations and custom enforcement handed him over to the sheriff's department to face an old warrant at the time i.c.e. placed a detainer on sanchez. they wanted him back after local authorities were done with him. i.c.e. officials say that all the sheriff's department had to do was pick up the phone. the sheriff ignored that detainer because san francisco is a sanctuary city and does not comply with federal immigration laws. he also says that a detainer is not a legale order. >> had i.c.e. sought the requested legal order or warrant, the san francisco sheriff's department naturally
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and quill always comply and would have complied if that legal order or warrant would have been presented to us. >> the sheriff went as far to say that even after steinle's death he still will not honor federal detainers, because he says they are, quote unconstitutional. listen to the former director of i.c.e. who was on "on the record" last night. >> there was no way for i.c.e. to get a warrant. they had already gotten a criminal warrant on this guy. he had been charged. he served time. they could not have gotten another criminal warrant. it would be double jeopardy. >> we have learned that steinle was shot and killed with a federal agent's gun that was stolen and later foubdnd by sanchez. she was buried thursday. her family says they want to concentrate on their faith and daughter and not get into the political debate that we have seen after her death. >> it is controversial. we will have a lot more on this subject throughout our whole hour.
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thank you so much. donald trump at a massive rally at the phoenix convention center there speaking before a large crowd. we are going to have more on his message on immigration and the impact on the 2016 presidential race. we are going to speak on that subject with susan estridge in a bit a group affiliated with isis has claimed responsibility for that bombing at thelian consulate in cairo, egypt. one person was killed when the car bomb went off destroying a section of the historic building that you see there. a group calling itself islamic state in egypt posted that claim to social media. it hasn't been officially verified. the posting says the bomb used nearly 1,000 pounds of explosives aimed at the italian government. there has been a win against isis. afghanistan intelligence service saying the highest ranking leader among local militants loyal to isis was killed at an air strike in afghanistan. the u.s. is confirming that strike. will not say if it did kill the
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official that you see here. they say he was one of more than 30 militants who died in that u.s. strike on friday. meanwhile, the terror from radical islamic militants continues elsewhere in iraq. bombings and shootings around the capital killing at least 11 people there. three roadside bombs went off at the same time. another bomb went off near an outdoor market and there was a drive-by shooting in the northeastern suburbs. >> greece is working to overcome a trust deficit at a euro group meeting in brussels. the meeting called to assess the government's proposal of a three-year loan package worth nearly $60 billion. the country trying to convince creditors of its plan so it can get another financial rescue and avoid having to leave the euro. amy kellogg following it all live now here in athens. >> amy? >> hi arthel.
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it seems that there is a hardening of the european and maybe i should say the leading german position vis-a-vis greece since that controversial, somewhat provocative referendum last week when the greek people voted no to austerity for further bailout money. the tension really arthel from what we understand between the greek and the german negotiators, the ten thunsion is palpable. the trust deficit is very strong. some of the europeans that are negotiating are saying too little too late when it comes to what greece has to offer. still, with he still, we need to see. those talks about the latest and last proposal are still ongoing. some are more eager than others to make a deal happen. this time more than others the matter of trust is being openly spoken about. >> how can the greek government be trusted to actually do what they are promising, to actually
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implement in the coming weeks, months and years. those are the key issues that will be addressed today. >> reporter: meanwhile, business owners spoke with resignation about swallowing austerity for further bailout funds hoping against hope that by the time their kids grow up the situation will be stable and strong. even the under 40s feel it is too late for them already to live out their dreams. >> it is sad. it is sad for people that are 18 20 years old, 22 that go out from universities and have dreams and hopes. they can't do anything about it. they have to go somewhere else. >> the greeks i spoke to today said they really feel isolated. they feel the rest of the world doesn't understand the hardship they have been through and sort of wants to pin it on the greek
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population when in effect so many of them have been victims in this whole mismanagement and the drama. up finally tomorrow, there will be a major summit of the european leaders. that is being viewed as the last stand, the last hope for this all to be resolved put off a bit for the future back on track itself. >> amy the greek government is denying this. tell me more of what you are hearing about reports that germany is proposing a possible greek exit. >> that all sounded very dramatic. it was first printed in frankfort in the german newspaper. it was a german finance ministry paper saying there were a few options, one that greeks sell off some of the properties that it intends to now privatize and that money, the tens of billions would go to paying off debt. the other option was a five-year time krout from the euro all together from the european
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union or the euro monetary union. the greek government is saying that was not a viable paper. it may have been. it seems it was some sort of paper, how important, how prevalent it was. we simply don't know. it is the first time that we are hearing about the options as apparently the germans were discussing them behind their own closed doors. the first time today we are hearing about all of this. arthel? >> so not over yet for sure. >> amy, thank you you very much for that report. eric? >> a solemn and sombre saturday as tens of thousands of people gathered to remember europe's worst massacre since world war ii? >> families still mourning the lives that were lost. 8,000 young men and boys so savagely killed. some search for a closer. others say searching for relatives still remains. as many as 1,000 victims killed have yet to be found. brian joins us with more on today's ceremony. >> the genocide on july 11th
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1995 was so horrific it led the clinton administration and nato to launch air strikes against the seshrbs. today commemorates the killing of 8,000 men and boys killed at the hands of the serbs. a funeral for the 136 newly discovered victims that died. then it turned ugly. among the dozen foreign leaders was serbian prime minister. angry mourners attack him and pelting him with rocks an water bottles. he is hated by most bosnian muslims. he called for 100 dead muslims for every dead christian serb. he and his guards were forced to run out of the event today. serbia is calling this an
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assassination attempt. president bill clinton thanked the serbian prime minister for having the courage to attend in a step towards reconciliation. >> i would never want to see a killing field like this. within thousands of miles of here but the world is still being dominated by wars and killings based on ethnicity and race and religion. >> civilians took refuge in srebrenica during the bosnian war. it is wa declared a safe heaven but the sesh troops overran the muslims there. they denied it was a genocide despite two international courts deeming it so. >> ryan, a solemn day. thank you. >> let's take a look at the
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weather. things are heating up in the northern and central. to the east people are bracing for a big storm. the system moving through could bring showers and thunderstorms along with the threat of flash flooding. meteorologist, janet dean is live with more. what's happening? >> summertime thunderstorms. we have got the heat across the central u.s. and the southeast. then this dip in the jetstream which is allowing these storms to ride along it and bring the potential for heavy downpours as well as large hail and damaging winds. you look at the current temperatures. a lot of 90s on the map feeling like summertime. with the heat index, it feels well over 100 degrees. oppressive heat here. almost a dozen states in heat advisories. the air-conditioning make sure the little ones are inside check on the elderly, bring the pets in. we are watching the watches and warnings over the ohio river
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valley as well as coastal north carolina. severe thunderstorm effect until 7:00 p.m. local. with he we don't have any warnings but we could see heavy downpours. severe thunderstorm warnings for parts of illinois north and east of quincy and st. louis. severe threats across portions of the plains ohio valley, mid-atlantic. tomorrow, more concentrated risk for the midwest. minneapolis down towards louisville large hail damaging winds and flash flooding. we will watch it all from the fox news extreme weather center. >> i know you'll be on top of it. >> arthel there was an unusual type of traffic jam on a major interstate. take a look at this. it was caused by that small plane. how would you like to see that when you are driving along the highway and suddenly it comes down? >> i wouldn't. >> growing concerns about your personal information as cyberattacks increase against stores companies and even the federal government. >> we are going to talk about a
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a sunny saturday at the beach turned hazardous. a mysterious explosion that sent one beachgoer to the hospital. it happened at the salty brand beach. some kind of explosion blew a woman off a beach and into a brick wall. they have not found any evidence of an explosive device as of now but do say there was something in the sand but they don't know what. officials have evacuated that beach. it remains closed. that victim a 50-year-old woman, was injured, we are told but thankfully her injuries are not life threatening. >> eric listen to this. terrifying moments for three people aboard a small plane forced to make an emergency landing on interstate 95 in maine. that's the part of the interstate we are talking about.
3:21 pm
the single engine cessna had just taken off from hole ton international airport near the canadian border when the pilot reported engine trouble. the police say the pilot was trying to return to the airport when the plane stalled. he was able to planned safely and fortunately, no one was hurt. some big questions tonight after the revelations that hackers stole the personal data of tens of millions of americans from federal personnel office. the chief of that agency, kat katerine archuletta was fired. how do we make sure we are safe? we are joined by cybersecurity expert who was the founder of ssp blue and a former federal prosecutor for online crimes. how bad is this? could we have seen it coming?
3:22 pm
>> how bad? i would just call it yikes! awful, terrible unbelievable. 22.1 million employees in the federal government. actually what is worse is that if youed top secret clearance like i did, your friends and family's personal information has also been taken by apparently the chinese hackers. >> do you feel that they have your private information? >> i do, absolutely. when i applied for top secret clearance, they asked me every single place i had lived, every relative's information since the day i was born specially since i wasn't born in america. they went back in my entire history, knocked on the neighbor's doors and questioned them. all that information was in my file. now, who knows where it is? >> do you think the chinese did this? >> it is hard to tell. hackers often jump around. at the end of the day, the more
3:23 pm
important point we have is what is the federal government doing and why is this continuing to happen again and again, specially if we are also engaged in cybercounter intelligence activities. if we are going to do it we have to expect it is going to get done to us. >> talk about cyberintelligence activities. you have said we are in a digital war. the attackers are invading us right now. they don't have to step foot in our country to do it. is that really the case? >> it is absolutely the case. this is happening nonstop. people think maybe it is new because it is being reported right now. for the last 15 years, we have been dealing with this if not more. our cold war and our counter intel activities that happen through one spy after another has now turned into digital spies and digital counter intelligence. that means for our own federal government agencies whether you are military or nonmilitary, you are under attack updating your system and using the latest.
3:24 pm
i am surprised, frankly, why we are not taking 30 days off from everything we are doing in the federal government to spend that 30 days to upgrade our security. that's going to be something that we just absolutely have to do. >> talk about upgrading our security. what do we do? how do you know? you hear about identity theft. you think it is some guy in the basement somewhere trying to grab your credit card. this goes so far beyond that. how do we know if we have been hacked and how can we stop it to make sure something is done? >> the challenge is, with hee don't know until it is too late. we have to own our own security. when she mail if you think it is from the government or your health records or your doctor think twice before you respond. if you get a phone call asking you if somebody is updating something, think twice about it. put a credit lock on your credit. don't wait for some notice to come and say, now, you have credit monitoring. put the lock and freeze your credit now. don't let anybody touch it.
3:25 pm
if you do think you are one of the 22.1 million people or friends of somebody like that go to the irs and let them know you might be a victim of identity theft. that will be one of the places where they file false claims using your information. they keep the money. you get the notice saying you did something against the law. >> man ohman, man more widespread and more frightening every day. we thank you for joining us tonight. we hope you weren't hacked and you are protesting yourself. a win at wimbledon solidifies another serena slam for tennis phenom, serena williams. >> williams nabbing the title in london over spain's garbine moo
3:26 pm
zoo roux za. she rebounded winning straight sets and now holds all four grand slam titles at the same time. a victory at the upcoming u.s. open would give her all four majors in the same calendar year. the last player to do that was steffi grab in 1988. go serena go! do it. >> that will happen right here in queens later on this summer. we'll keep an eye on that. >> exciting. >> something else the world is keeping an eye on what is happening with the potential of iran getting a nuclear bomb. that deadline yet again, delayed, delayed, delayed and the negotiators, they say they keep on working trying to reach an agreement. they now think by monday. what happens if there isn't one? a historic hotel in one major city comes down this morning. just had to adopt him.
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fox alert. let's look live. pope francis in the capital of paraguay. he is about to receive the keys to the city. this is the third and final phase of his week-long visit to latin america. the pontiff began his day visiting a children's hospital before he held mass at a revered shrine. at the end of the service, he declared the simple church which houses a small statue of the virgin mary is the newest basilica on the second to last day. on his week-long trip. guess what? he is coming to america in the fall. >> nuclear talks with iraq approaching monday's new deadline to reach a final agreement. the white house is now down playing the importance of a deadline saying the talks will continue as long as progress is being made. secretary of state, john kerry, says there are difficult issues to work out.
3:32 pm
any deal still has to go through congress and members of both parties are skeptical. lisa dufftari is a middle east journalist and foxconn trib tore. one of the major points is that iran wants a lifting of the ban. russia this was settled three months ago. russia is saying, no iran you have to make sure to get this ban lifted. with that sort of thing as a sticking point, is there going to be a deal or no deal? >> well this is something pretty significant difference that still remains between them. look the main difference just to simplify it is iraq is coming to the table and saying we want all the embargoes and sanctions lifting. the west wants a more gradual
3:33 pm
removal of the shackles. we have to remember why this embargo was put into place in 2007. the iranian regime vows that their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes while they are going ton a shopping spree where hundreds of billions of dollars are going to be loosed in forms of sanctions. they want to go on a shopping spree and what do they want to buy? weapons. they want to have the embargo lifted to shift those weapons. >> it is quite troubling. the west will not allow them to get away with this lifting of the embargo for many reasons, one of which john kerry and president obama know it will be much harder to get it passed through congress? >> because there are people concerned what will happen to the weapons. >> it is pretty troublesome. with with he do not trust them. we still want pressure to remain in place. we don't want everything lifted all of the sudden. they have been a troublesome -- not a partner in the
3:34 pm
negotiations even since the interim deal was announced april 2nd. we have had the iranian regime announce that certain military sites would not be open to -- would not be given access to by the inspectors. the nuclear scientists wouldn't be able to be interviewed. they have demanded that the sanctions be removed and now they are demanding that the embargo be removed. no change in human rights and look at their activities in the region. why would we want them to have weapons because they have a hand in syria and iraq and giving money to hezbollah and hamas. >> so in the meantime as you know lisa what's happening, we are on the third ex tension now. currently, iran's nuclear program had been frozen. some of the economic sanctions have been lifted. do these arrangements have any impact on iran at all? >> they are playing out the clock. they are obviously hoping that
3:35 pm
the sanctions will be removed. something we have seen for the past 367 years, they obviously know how to negotiate and how to deal in their foreign policy. they know how to find loop holes. if we are thinking we have frozen their assets and stopped them from finding the loop holes and completing different parts of the nuclear program. i call it a "t." if they can't go forward in one aspect they will try the left and the right, the east wing and the west wing. they are going to try to complete other parts of their programs. here they are trying to beef up their military capabilities. it is troubling. >> meanwhile, you have the supreme leader who has the final say. he is not at the negotiating table and he has the final say and he has political face to save. what happens if there is no deal no the tomorrow not three months not a year from now. the west is banking on the fact that if there is no deal. we are going to walk away and they are going to be the ones to
3:36 pm
come back to the table and we are going to call them out on their bluff. what are they counting on? they are saying the west wants more than we do. they want to shake hands with us more than we do. regardless it is not that significant if we walk away from this right now. eventually they are banking on the fact that both sides will come back to the negotiating table. lisa duftari, thanks so much for breaking it down for us. two suspect have been nabbed after a daring bank robbery. they pulled off an atm withdrawal. >> donald trump refusing to back down. he is taking a stance on the road to a state where immigration is a huge issue. if you qualify for a sittingham's card today i can offer you no interest for 24 months. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify. so what else can you give me?
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time forea quick check of the headlines, the future rising from the rubble in detroit. detroit's old park avenue hotel crashing down to make way for a new hockey arena. the hotel dates back to the '20s. a couple of pad letters got hung up on a stump. they called 911 when they realized they are going nowhere fast. the engine on the rescue boat quit. everyone finally got back to shore. surveillance near orlando capturing two men using a stolen backhoe to bust through a wall and scoop up the atm machine. brilliant. two suspects were later arrested in a pickup truck with the atm still sitting in the bed. fox news is america's election headquarters.
3:42 pm
billionaire businessman and republican presidential candidate, donald trump, has been gaining momentum on the campaign trail following his controversial comments about illegal immigration. he is now as you can see in phoenix, arizona, where it is 3:42 in the afternoon and he is attending a huge rally occurring right now at the phoenix convention center. we are told by his campaign that it includes from 10,000-12,000 people who have come into this convention center to hear him. there are, as wells, members of families of american citizens who were killed by illegals. he has gained a lot of momentum in the polls. this issue you has partially catapulted him to the number one spot in some polls. joining us now susan esters, professor of law and science at the university of southern california. susan, you are shaking your head. look you have 10,000 12,000
3:43 pm
people cramming the convention center over what's become a hot buttons over illegal immigrants killing american citizens. >> i think this is a disaster for the republican party. just a disaster unless they can take control of this guy. you have a republican party thats lo the last election according to many analysts because they lost the hispanic vote. you have guys like jeb bush who happens to be married to a woman of hispanic origin out there trying to figure out how to make inroads into the hispanic community which should be or should include for other reasons, traditional values economic issues. they should be drawing some republican votes. they are not because of this perception that they are anti-immigrant. what do you throw in the mix? a presidential candidate, no less talking in slothy language. i don't care. what else do you say?
3:44 pm
you don't just say mexicans are all racists. that's wrong. that's slothy and it is racist. they have to deal with this guy. the more support he gets the more problem he is for the republicans that would actually like to win this election. >> his comments surely have been condemned by many but also supported by many others. when he talks about this issue, he certainly has touched a nerve. it reverberates among a lot of people. look what just happened recently over the past few months. the other week, katherine steinle, the woman in san francisco allegedly shot to death. then you have grant ronibeck 21 years old, working in a quick stop and alleged illegal alien comes in and allegedly shoots him, steps over his dead body for a pack of cigarettes. clearly, trump inartfully critically, has tapped into something.
3:45 pm
>> well sure. you and i both know that something is out there. the immigration issue particularly here in california has been boiling around for years but where we seem to have been getting to and i give the bushes credits as well as the democrats was some effort to try to pair better border security with a system a real system of enforcement. i was talking i think to you or to art about satellite cities and what we should do with illegal immigrants when they commit crimes here? trump isn't going out with a ten-point plan of how he can realistically deal with those that deserve to stay in the country and those that don't. he is just throwing out the kind of hateful red meat that makes it impossible to come up with constructive solutions. >> finally, what do you think will happen? >> i think he will kick around for a while.
3:46 pm
heily he will get attention. iowa is pretty straightforward and proud of their jobs. i think trump will fade once people start voting. >> they are out there tonight. we'll see how this continues. susan, always good to see you. >> good to see you, eric. >> you can read susan's syndicated column. >> a world war ii veteran is taking a run at the record books on pace to become the oldest person to run across america. we are going to help this veteran to honor an important piece of war history. find out who are about his cause. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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some people run to stay in shape but many have joined him to show their support. he is on track to become the oldest person to run across america. he says what he really wants is to bring attention to an unsung hero from the war. he joins me live from dallas to talk about this. hi mr. andrus. how are you? >> i'm fine. i am so happy you are here. we are going to talk about your vessel and why you are running. why did you decide at the age of 88 is when you decided i'm going to run across america. how did you decide that? >> actually i'll be 92 next month. >> i heard about people running across the united states and it sounded like something fun to
3:52 pm
do. when i ran my first relay, i got so much attention. i thought, how much attention would i get if i was running coast to coast as a 90-year-old. i decided i was going to do it. it was something i wanted to do. this ship we were on history channel, return of lst 325. we found this ship over on the island creek in the greek islands. we spent four months making it sea worthy and getting it back. bringing it back. i was hoping we would raise enough money to take it back to normandy and beach it at the same spotnorhandy and beach it was where it beached. i doubt if i raise that money
3:53 pm
but i'm trying. >> what a valient effort you are making. you tell me i understand you run 5 or 6 miles throw days a week and hitchhike back to your rv? let me know if i am right on the number of mills you run and do you have problems thumbing a roadway. >> i don't very often have. to i usually have runners with me and we leave one at the finish and another one in the start and if i don't, i try to get a vol tore to pick me up and get me back to the start. and i hitch hick but that doesn't happen often. >> you are staying in your rv? you stay alone or friends and family? >> i am usually alone, i have
3:54 pm
had a daughter that stayed with me a couple of weeks in san diego and then she was here last couple of weeks and stayed with me ten days. outside of that i just been alone. >> and where are you hoping to make it to next once you leave dallas area? >> well i am actually down by mahean and running forward fairview right now. >> we have a delay, but i read you had cheerleaders and well wishers long the way. tell me about that. >> i have had great reception. i have had 500 people coming through the towns, just choring and wishing me my best. and a lot of them run through town with me. i don't know how many there is
3:55 pm
because they are usually behind me, 50 or 60 at a time sometimes. i have had over 500 like in one town and people out there choring me. >> and of course they should cheer you. you are an inspiration. i have to tell you, i don't run mr.andrus and it would hurt my knows if i did. and how are you holding up in your health andney -- your knows. >> i have a veins and he said don't let doctors do. what you are doing is better than what we could do. and tells me to keep moving. >> sir, i appreciate you, and you are a true hero on. thank you so much for joining us. and mr.anderous and our viewers, if you want to help him to get
3:56 pm
the lst back to normandy. go to you can so it in person in the ohio river. a hero all around and thank him for being with us. >> and that's the greatest generation. >> we'll be right back. chlorred get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscl e, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost® high protein is the #1 selling high protein complete nutritional drink and it has a great taste-guaranteed! help get the nutrition you need everyday with boost® high protein. join the club at why are all these people so asleep yet i'm so awake? did you know your brain has two systems? one helps keep you awake- the other helps you sleep. science suggests when you have insomnia,
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the wake system in your brain may be too strong and your neurotransmitters remain too active as you try to sleep, which could be leading to your insomnia. ohh...maybe that's what's preventing me from getting the sleep i need! talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia.
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>> surprising diners with
4:00 pm
a high-tech wait staff using robots instead of peechlt -- people. >> i want a person. >> and molly is in for julie banderas approximate. >> i am molly line. we begin with the race 2016 and immigration once again on from stage. donold trump who has been under fire for weeks speaking in two events. a live look right here at trump speaking at phoenix. going unscripted in both speeches. he took time to clarify his stance on illegal immigration. >> i love the mexican people and i love the spirit of the mexican people. i love them. many many people from


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